Demons connected to masturbation !!!

Religious views on masturbation

Attention! Before you even think about hitting the hay, you absolutely must read this extraordinary message. Trust me, it’s going to change your life for the better. Brace yourself for the revelation of the most formidable demon on Earth!

Listen up, my friend. If you dare to ignore this, you’ll be doomed to a lifetime of poverty unless you find a way to break free. So, take a moment to absorb the following words. Refuse to let this month end in the same old way. Believe me, you won’t regret delving into this mind-blowing information that will address a whopping 78% of your burning questions.

Regardless of your gender, I implore you to halt whatever you’re doing and read this right now. Every time you engage in masturbation, you unknowingly contribute to the demonic realm. It’s like having a twisted encounter in your dreams, where you unwittingly impregnate a demon. And ladies, every time you experience a certain phenomenon, you’re essentially engaging in a forbidden act with a demon, potentially leading to an unholy pregnancy.

Have you ever pondered why you envision yourself with children or breastfeeding in your dreams, even though you have none in reality? Even those who are married struggle to feel affection towards their partners. Well, my friend, those are the demons you’ve given birth to. Allow me to share a remarkable story that will shed light on this matter.

One fine Sunday, during our One on One session, a brilliant man approached me with a grievance. He recounted a horrific accident he had in 2014, where he lost his car and nearly lost his life. Thankfully, God intervened and saved him. Since then, he had been tirelessly seeking financial assistance from the government in the form of an accident grant, but to no avail. Every time he approached the authorities, they would delay his case, promising to address it tomorrow or the day after. And mind you, we’re talking about a sum .
At approximately 13:40 hours, a moment of divine intervention occurred. The money that had been held captive for an extended period of time was finally released. This, my friends, is the God I know – the God of War, the God of miracles. Imagine the wealth and prosperity that could have been yours, if not for the insidious influence of demons. Your good fortune, luck, and happiness have been shamelessly donated to these malevolent beings.

Furthermore, your romantic aspirations have been thwarted, leaving you devoid of any feelings or emotions. It is imperative that you understand the enemy’s cunning tactics. They have devised toys and objects, seemingly innocent, but in reality, tools of theft, murder, and complete destruction of humanity. Yes, my dear friends, the toy industry is nothing but a breeding ground for demonic forces.

Today, I implore you to recognize that toys are not mere playthings, but rather a manifestation of a dark spirit – a demon. This spirit of darkness never travels alone; it is accompanied by the spirit of lust. This insidious force encompasses the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and all other forms of immoral desires. It is this spirit that leads people astray, into the depths of sin and debauchery.

But fear not, for it is never too late to reclaim what has been stolen from you. Distance holds no power over the divine intervention I am about to invoke. I pray for each and every one of you who types “Amen” and shares this post. In the mighty name of Jesus, the demon that has been feasting on your fortune will be banished forever. I decree that your fortunes shall be restored, and the devil shall have no room to manipulate your life any longer.

I call upon 2000 individuals to immediately type “Out of my body” three times and share this post twice. By the power vested in the name of Jesus, I command the demon of MASTURBATION come out . 2 days from now you will have a dream that demon which makes you masturbate shall come out your body. And all your crossed doors shall open to favour you. I say out Out Out Ouuuuuuut . Now congratulations, because all that the devil stole from you is bring back .

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