Palmistry is now on the verge of collapse

Even Though Palmistry was begun in ancient India , it is now on the verge of collapse .In olden times it was a divined activity , later it became a needful service but after it became a business .After the communism is spread in India , they tried to tease these kinds of people who were doing the service of palmistry , the communist , the non believers , and the atheists told these are fraud people , and there is nothing in it , what they are speaking are absolute wrong and false information . These palmists get customers from a variety of places ,like temple places , beaches , and villages .They travel from places to places and get customers from deferent door steps .At night times they sleep at same places. At temple places and beaches evening time is too rush .The business become in a hike at these times mostly .Most of the teens and others show their palm towards palmists , some of them believe and most of them because of joke . Some regular customers also they have .If the predictions go truth these customers come back to visit them again to give more remunerations. The palmists have complaints that even their children also never like to study and continue the tradition .Most of them got this power traditionally, but their children and new generation are never interested to continue this field. The new generation is not believe these kinds of power , most of them say these are cheating scandals .A lot of people consider palmistry only as a joke So they don’t get sufficient customers to get satisfied .Most of new generation ignore palmistry because they believe in computer horoscope only .All of the best times has gone forever at least in case of the palmists..They wipes..

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