Unlocking the Secrets of Palmistry: Exploring the Different Types of Hands

types of hands in palmistry


Welcome to the fascinating world of palmistry, where every line and curve on your hand holds a story waiting to be unraveled. One of the key elements in palmistry is the classification of hands. In this blog post, we will explore the various types of hands and what they reveal about a person’s personality and characteristics.

Identify which is your hand type from the below pictures . Picture in also illustrated the deferent kinds of lines on your palms. Special kinds of palms are provided to the deferent kinds of people in society who carry out deferent kinds of professions. In palm reading,the acquaintance of the types of hands is the basic thing to learn.Without this understanding,the meaning of the lines can not be be summerised. Following benefits can be obtained from knowing the correct type of hand:

1 . Better understanding of the context and finalizing the correct results
2 . Avoiding of mistakes and to reach the new and mysterious meanings
3 . Character and diseases can be identified
4 . To identify which profession will be most suitable for that person whether he is an actor,mechanic,player etc
5 . Actually the acquaintance of the type of hand gives away many secrets of the personality of an individual.We come to know his qualities,his way of thinking,his natural tendencies which he is capable of by birth.Lets take a deep analysis of the different types of hands.Actually these kinds are only six but the seventh one is the compound of all these six types of qualities.

1 . Animal looking hand

This type of hand is an ugly looking hand very much like a jungle animal .A heavy palm with the hairs full of upper side.Its shape itself is revealing the thinking and the personality of the person.Mostly the savage people of the old times living in the caves have got the same kind of hands.These people having this type of hands have a very less tendency to learn and understand.They have high temper,they are clever but they are not smart.They get angry very soon and they can do anything without looking into the consequences.Because of the adamant behavior they are not capable of doing something with the alternate method.They can not understand the unsaid,they don’t have control over themselves,the tendency to learn from their past is very less and they make the same mistake again and again.Their mental approach limits them only to the basic needs of the human beings.Their only target in their life to eat and drink.No passion no mission,their mind works well in the field where there is no need of mental skills.The farmers,labors,the people living in sand have got this type of hands. The I.Q level of these people is very low.If a person having this hand got small and swelled fingers,the line of heart is dominant over the line of brain then this is a fearless fighter and a man of revenge who believes on his power blindly.In today’s world this type of hand is very rare . A very corrupt and characterless police officer who has killed more than one dozen innocent people and was fired from the job after that.See the savage looking animal hand having the brain and heart line intersecting each other and the swelled killer thumb.The symbol of being barbarian and savage ,the little finger is turned inside which shows a deceiving personality.

2.Square or working hand

This type of hand has a square palm which means it has same width and height.Its thumb is suitable size according to hand and the tips of the fingers are square.From the back of that hand its nails are also square.These hands are normally small as compared to whole body.Its skin is hard and strong.If you got that kind of hand then you must have the following qualities. By nature you judge the things according to their practical benefits.You are a practical man and not a dreamer.You do not pay heed to the emotions and feeling much.You believe in logic and proof to judge, believe in practical not in words and talks.
You do things after planning and after paying deep thoughts,not a hasty person and do things very slowly keeping in mind all the aspects of that matter. Being peace lover and strict follower of rules you feel comfortable doing your things in a proper way. Business would be the perfect profession for you.If you want to do a job then police or army would be good for you. Basically you believe in worldly matter but along with that you also take care of religion and very punctual in prayer etc. You are a hard worker and consistent person and show unusual power and consistence for achieving your goals but your way is old fashioned.You follow blindly you do not have courage to adopt the new ways. If you have that type of hand with weak thumb and life line intersecting the brain line then this is the symptom of having zero will power.This type of man can never be a leader but can be a good and loyal servant or member.They are busy in routine duties and are good workers. If this hand has straight brain line and fingers square and plane then it reveals that the person is biased towards sciences,accountancy,maths or being a doctor.
In personal life you are a very strong man with strong attitude and a disciplined person. A great example of a square palm of a citizen of England a great businessman a Hindu who is owner of many departmental stores.See the length and with of the palm is almost same and the fingers tips are square.The luck line is emerging from the life line which is a symbol of self builder man.The brain line is ending like a scorpion tail and turning upside which reveals the cleverness of mind and love of money.The Hindu is counted in the most richest personalities of England.

3 . Philosophical hands

This type of hand is long,thin,less fleshed and more bony mounted joints and consist of long thumb.Its skin is thin and delicate.If you got this type of hand then you must have following qualities. Topics like God,world,human fate,life and death etc are your center of thoughts. You think more and do less,so you are completely opposite to those having square hands and you are interested in those works which include educational benefits.Naturally you have suspense and analytical mind so your analysis is deep
As you have a deep thinking habit so you can not digest the surface analysis.You see everything as a philosopher.You do not believe in conventional religions but you accept the modern or philosophical ideas and you are looking for the religious truths matching with the modern scientific knowledge.
As you belong to the philosophical category so laziness is dominant over you that’s why there are chances you might stay behind in worldly matters and in the race of life. These kind of hands are mostly the saints,beggars or philosophical persons who are trying so solve the riddles of the world. Vice chancellor of Peshawar University,famous mathematician Razi ud din Siddiqiue’s right hand.Mounted joints of the fingers,palm’s skin is delicate,lines are thin and deep,Suleman’s ring and sun line are prominent.

4.Plane hands

Plane hands have plane fingers who’s tips are spreaded. Mostly this hand belongs to the strong body and the palm is wide near fingers.If you have a plane hand then you must have following qualities.Active and clever,nature has given you enough power.You don’t follow others blindly and try to make your own ways
Different,creative and brave,try to find you way yourself,you control your brain and heart yourself.You have leadership qualities.Being a reformer and revolutionary mind you may betray the conventional rules and regulations.You bring changes in different professions of the life.You can bring revolution with your creative ideas.You believe in logic and scientific ways and do not accept anything blindly.You have suspensive and analytical mind and you’ll be successful in technical fields and you can become a successful engineer.You know very well how to deal with the new discoveries or innovations.Basically you will have a corner for religion ,Sufism and spiritualism or poetry.These kind of people are mostly found in western countries.This hand of a top level engineer is a perfect example of a plane hand,fingers tips are wide and the skin of the palm is very hard and rigid which is a symbol of a technical and mechanical mind.

5.Skillful hand

These hands are wide from the wrist and become thin near the fingers.The fingers are pointed like pencils.This hand basically belongs to the artists and skillful personalities.You have some positive and some negative aspects of your character.You have basically an artistic mind but its not necessary that you are a sculpture artist,poet or painter but it means you have love for these things and you love the thing to be in proper place,you have a great passion for beauty whether it is human or nature. You have a great view,you can see through the matter in one single blink of an eye and can finalise the results without any analysis.Your predictions for people or other conditions can be shockingly correct. Naturally you are very sensitive and emotional,loyal and friendly.You care for people and you are always ready to help others.
If this hand is provided with a good brain line then you are a best poet and artist.
Your negative aspects are as follows :-
You are attracted highly towards romance and sex,your love for your attractions wont hesitate to put your health and wealth on fire.But after that you will leave your love and start impressing someone else,you are very inconsistent in love and friendship,you are just not loyal.You have hesitation in your mind and you want your desires quick.Consistency and struggle is just not your style.You want results without struggle,a lazy kind of person you are and an irresponsible person. Emotional and hesitant personality keeps you in difficult situations and you create problems for your loved ones.You do things in an inappropriate manner,you can’t do anything cause you don’t plan and are not consistent.You can not fulfill promises,and are not loyal.A fine arts student hand,see the shape of the hand.

6 Female hand
Delicate,thin flower like hand,beautiful skin,small and elastic fingers,palm having thin pretty lines,this is a female hand.This hand brings the female characteristics in that person that’s why we call it female hand.If you have a hand like this you will be having the following characteristics :-

You are unusually emotional and sensitive,you show high emotions whether it is love or hate,drop tears and lose patience.You don’t believe in yourself and you depend on others . You don’t have confidence on yourself . There is a little fear in yourself for being not protected and you try to find someone to put your burden on him.People take benefit of your innocence.You want attention,and try to attract with your clothing,drop tears for your achievement.Because of believe on fate you try to take help from black magic or things like that.In case of high depression you may also think of suicide . Nature wise you are a good person. A hand print of a depressed girl living in England,unsuccessful love marriage,divorced.

7.Mixed hand

This art includes only 6 types of hands basically but the seventh type of hand is a mixed hand with all of the characteristics accordingly.The ideal shapes of hands are very rare


Palmistry offers a unique insight into our personalities and potential. By understanding the different types of hands and their associated traits, we can gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and those around us. Whether you have earth, air, or water hands, each type brings its own strengths and qualities to the table. Embrace the uniqueness of your hands and use this knowledge to unlock your true potential.

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