Why Aviation Companies Charge More During Festival Season in Kerala

The Festive Season in Kerala: A Magnificent Celebration

Kerala, often referred to as God’s Own Country, is a land of vibrant festivals and rich cultural heritage. The state witnesses a surge in tourism during the festive season due to its mesmerizing beauty and festivities. However, this influx of visitors also leads to an increase in travel demand, resulting in higher prices for aviation companies.

During festivals like Onam and Vishu, Kerala comes alive with colorful processions, enchanting music, and traditional dance performances. Tourists from all over the world flock to witness these grand celebrations and experience the unique culture of the land. As a result, airlines and other aviation companies face a higher demand for travel to and from Kerala.

The Economics of Higher Airfares

Aviation companies operate on a supply and demand model, where prices fluctuate based on the balance between the number of available seats and the number of passengers seeking to travel. During the festival season in Kerala, the influx of tourists creates a surge in demand, but the supply of available seats remains limited.

This increase in demand coupled with the limited supply allows aviation companies to charge higher airfares. It is essential for these companies to maintain profitability and cover their operational costs, including fuel, maintenance, and staffing. Charging higher prices during peak seasons helps them generate sufficient revenue to sustain their operations throughout the year.

Factors Influencing Airfares

Several factors contribute to the higher airfares during festival season in Kerala:

  • Increased Demand: The festivals attract a massive influx of tourists, both domestic and international, leading to a higher demand for flights.
  • Limited Supply: Airlines have a finite number of seats available on each flight, and during peak seasons, these seats fill up quickly.
  • Operational Costs: Airlines incur additional costs during festival seasons, such as extra staff, increased fuel consumption due to heavy air traffic, and higher maintenance expenses, which are reflected in the airfares.
  • Competition: With multiple airlines operating in the market, competition plays a significant role in determining airfares. Airlines strive to strike a balance between attracting customers and maintaining profitability.

While it may seem expensive to travel during the festival season in Kerala, it is important to remember that these higher fares contribute to the overall sustainability of the aviation industry. Aviation companies invest their resources in providing safe and reliable travel experiences, ensuring passenger comfort and satisfaction.

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