Breaking the Silence: Understanding the Higher Suicidal Rates in Kerala

suicide in Kerala

The Kerala Paradox: A Deeper Look

Kerala, the picturesque state nestled in the south of India, often referred to as ‘God’s Own Country,’ boasts high literacy rates, a prosperous healthcare system, and an overall high standard of living. However, beneath the idyllic facade, lies a startling reality – Kerala has one of the highest suicide rates in the country. This paradox has puzzled experts for years, leading to a deeper exploration of the underlying factors contributing to this alarming trend.

One of the key reasons for the higher level of suicides in Kerala can be attributed to the state’s high prevalence of mental health issues. Kerala has consistently reported a high number of cases related to depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. The stressors of modern life, coupled with the pressure to succeed in a highly competitive society, can take a toll on individuals, pushing them towards extreme measures.

Breaking Down the Stigma: Mental Health Awareness

Addressing mental health stigma and raising awareness about the importance of seeking help are crucial steps towards reducing suicide rates in Kerala. It is imperative to foster a culture that promotes open dialogue about mental health, eradicating the shame and secrecy often associated with mental illnesses. By encouraging individuals to share their experiences and seek professional help, we can break the silence surrounding mental health issues and provide support to those in need.

Additionally, integrating mental health education into schools and workplaces is vital in building a society that is well-informed and equipped to recognize early warning signs and provide appropriate assistance. By destigmatizing mental health and creating an environment that prioritizes emotional well-being, we can work towards a future with lower suicide rates.

A Call to Action: Building a Supportive Network

To combat the prevailing issue of higher suicide rates in Kerala, it is crucial to establish a robust support network. This network should comprise mental health professionals, counselors, and helpline services that are easily accessible to individuals in need. By providing a safe space for individuals to seek help and guidance, we can ensure that no one is left to face their struggles alone.

Moreover, community organizations and non-profit initiatives play a pivotal role in creating a supportive network. These organizations can organize awareness campaigns, support groups, and workshops to educate the community about mental health and empower individuals to seek assistance.

What is the reason for suicide in Kerala?

Domestic issues were the motive for 39 per cent of suicides reported in Kerala. The figure reflects the inability of the new generation in handling such issues, and their lack of patience to consider alternative solutions.Kerala has the highest rate of suicides reported among the major states in India and is best suited for any study on suicide. The use of resident health workers has ensured that even suicides that escaped reporting by official agencies were captured.


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