The Great Great Indian Culture

As told about our Indian culture, we felt an extra ordinary energy in veins. The serene nature, cool climate, rivers, oceans, various natural recourses including God’s own country etc. are our gems. In the case of arts and literature, the ancient Indian was playing a vital role. We consider “Matha, Pitha, Guru Daivam” means father, mother and teachers are equal to God. Several Kings ruled the ancient India.

It was one of the golden periods among the people. But it was end by the invasions of foreigners. On the other hand it is also beneficial for us. We have a good relationship between teacher and student. The teachers consider his students as his son or daughter. In the early ages, parents sent their children into teachers home for study. The children were stay there to complete studying. Only he goes his home after complete course. Teacher home was the classroom, known as Gurukulam. The students from Gurukulam become a successful man in his life with a number of abilities.

Not only he study lessons from Gurukulam, but also wrestling, martial arts, literature, painting, music etc. That’s why our parents became an ultimate expert. To increase mental health of children, the teacher teach him Yoga. In some Gurukulam, the master was specialized in Mantras and Ayurvedic Medicines. We think that they might have a powerful Sixth Sense. After finishing their long year class, the student gave nothing in money or other prices. His fee was only one Dashina (a betel leaf and areca nut ).


This has a great value in our culture. The mater didn’t try to make any money. Do you thing that Gurukulam was in town? No. It was situated in middle of hard forest consist thousands of wild animals. But no one were fear about it. Because they believed that the God will save them from all disasters. And we are also their followers. We all Indians 101 % feel proud to be born and die in this soul itself

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