What is Palm Reading


Poems are not written by human hands for no reason. The marks and lines on the palm represent a vivid picture of the events that have happened and are about to happen in your life. The quality of all lines is important because it enhances or weakens the functions they represent. Mounts are raised areas of the palm associated with planetary traits, as in astrology. If you bend your arm slightly and look from the wrist to the palm, you will see the peaks as slightly raised areas that look like hills rising all the way around the palm.As shown in the image below, the brackets are displayed in red. The main mountains are: Jupiter, Saturn, Apollo, Mercury and Venus. The essence of palmistry is to determine the type of hand. What can be traced back to individual characteristics?Temperament and disposition are largely indicated by the shape of the hand itself. It is even remarkable that the species to which it belongs is never destroyed, although work and exercise can always produce success. If you look closely at your hand, you will see all sorts of shapes and textures. Some common symbols on the hand are: Outer Space and Star Island Grid. According to palmistry, some symbols are auspicious and others unfavorable.positionsigns and symbols are very important because predictions are made based on them. Handline reading is India’s contribution. Indian sages like Narada, Valmiki, Garga, Bhrigu, Prahlada and astrologers like Varahamihira made great contributions to palmistry. This is detailed in his books Bhavishya Puranam and Hastha Sanjeevani. We publish many books on this subject.

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