Palm Reading Result Of Chathura Viraj

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Om Hari Shri Ganapahaye Namah:
Halo My Dear Chathura Viraj…
You said your date of birth was 1996 . Your palm shows you have a time 6 years more to study.Tension is a part of life.You may feel a starting trouble in some sort of day today activities.You will get a delay to get job and it may be of 25 age .So your marriage seems to be delayed but even though it was delayed you are going to get a good wife.You are a little bit romantic but your marriage will be an arranged one . You can make a better future in IT field .Even though its a competitive field I suggested that one for you only on because that you can only do private works where you may not be able to fight with this competitive world .You will be tired of.Others will defeat you.So you prefer some sort of programming field where you can live with your own brain and idea .No body can defeat.
You tend to expend your energy in several, purposeful and purposeless, enterprises. Hence, certain projects you work on may not meet with success. You are also capable of creating and even enjoying difficult situations. As you are a skilled efficient man, there is no need to be disappointed. You will probably move away from the place of birth. You will enjoy your journeys. You may not inherit much parental property. You will achieve the necessary prosperity through your own efforts. Your family life will not be trouble free. You are advised to be careful in selecting friends. It is not prudent to follow your whims. You are likely to misunderstand your wife and be misunderstood. Your lungs may cause you trouble, therefore take care of them early. Since you are a good conversationalist, you will be the life of the party. Unlike many other men, you have rigid ideas about appropriate behavior and appropriate behavior and appearance for you and your family.
During your childhood, you are calm and pleasant more innocent. If your intellectual abilities are encouraged, you can be a scholar. You are generous to a fault, and you are always willing to help others. You are self-confident and assured. You need to develop focused goals. You do not accept failure and, therefore, consistently work hard. You are independent by nature, and by the influences of your early environment. Your knowledge far exceeds what you get out of the class room. You are a clever conversationalist. People may consider you self centered. You have to work to convince others of the genuineness of your nature. Do not settle for a relationship in which you are not fully appreciated.
Famous people with same type hands are Mikhail Gorbachev, Clint Eastwood, Tom Hanks, Dan Quayle, Mary Tyler Moore, Jimmy Hendrix.
Favorable Activities:You can Begin anything like, laying foundations for building, celebrations, gatherings, imaginative activities, music, dance, travel, financial planning, receiving legal assistance, confronting adversaries, cooking gardening, activities for children, healing and nurturing activities, seeking guidance, religious and spiritual activities, and activities involving one’s mother.
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